Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I see I've been a bit lazy with my blog - five months without an entry.

BS of course didn't even make it to the short list, but this was not unexpected, since 99% of the voting members wouldn't even have seen it. No complaints, and no solution unless every member is locked up for a year, and forced to read every book that is published.

The silver lining (of a quite different cloud) is that there's an extremely strong possibility that the collection (minus a couple of stories that would be untranslateable or meaningless in Spanish, such as Fowl Play) will be published in Spanish. Since with the crisis (and the perilous situation the publishing industry was already in) it's not feasible to expect any publisher to pay for the translation as well as author royalties of any book unless by a BIG NAME, twenty or so willing and unwilling victims have been sweating away the midnight hours translating the BS stories, nervously handing them in to me for my pitiless authorial nit-picking!! Most have survived the experience. Those who haven't - well, they died in a noble cause.

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