Friday, 23 October 2009

Courtesy of the internationally famed Playgirl, Translator, and Scourge-of-savage-schoolchildren Elena Clemente.
You need sound on.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

BROKEN SYMMETRIES leads to bloodshed

Esther is happy. She has a copy of Steve's Pescador de demonios.

Angélica is happy. She has a copy of Steve's Broken Symmetries.

David is happy for the same reason.

As for Montse, she's ecstatic. She never expected to be so lucky.

Then her sister Rosalía stole it. But nemesis awaited her...

Terrible domestic violence! Oscar wants the book (naturally).

A picture is worth a thousand ships. After reading it, he gave it to Mónica to encourage early mental development...

At first, Mónica thought the book might be too difficult. But after reading it...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I see I have posted nine entries in just over a year ('entries' often understood as a completely irrelevant picture), so I am thinking I may not after all enter myself for Blog of the Year contests.

However, things have happened:
I have lost more hair
I have replaced coffee-and-whisky in my classes with fruit juice-and-water
I have lost a few million neurons (I can't calculate how many exactly because I don't have enough neurons left to perform the calculation).

On the writing front:
BROKEN SYMMETRIES, a book collection of my short stories, was published a few weeks ago. I have already posted pics of the beautiful cover. As for the contents, a visit to:
will give you more information, blurbs by Marvellous People Who Should Know, etc. And will attempt to guide your vacillating hand towards that pocket overflowing with loose change. If you buy Rhys Hughes' MISTER GUM at the same time, you get (gosh!) a discount. If you choose to buy MISTER GUM and not BROKEN SYMMETRIES (despite the undeniable prettiness, and my cunning manipulation of the font size here, of my title), you get shot, strangled, or stabbed, depending on the prefered technique of the person I hire.

So far, only two reviews:
(This review is also more entertainingly available in the downloadable TQF magazine:

Things have a habit of suddenly disappearing (or never even appearing) when I try to write something on the Internet, so I'll leave till later the news about the Spanish Cleopatra, my recalcitrant toenail, and a forthcoming appearance (of part of Fisher of Devils, not my toenail) in a book designed for Mexico City Police training. I kid you not!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Testing something